Complex curvilinear abstractions.

Jim Harper's sculpture relies on his strong sense of line. Complex curves wrap and dance around one another, building forms which range from pure abstractions to anthropomorphic shapes. Light and shadow plays across the faces of his sculpture as you walk around it. Compound curves, sharp edges, soft voluminous forms, and abrupt changes in direction create a contrapuntal harmony of form and line. He is equally at home working in wood, stone, and metal.


EyesAndNose-1978-JimHarper Eyes and Nose
1978, elm
TheWave-2010-JimHarper The Wave
2010, plaster
Untitled-Alabaster-1975-JimHarper Untitled
1975, alabaster
TheEmbrace-2010JimHarper The Embrace
2010, clay
CloakedFigure-1978JimHarper Cloaked Figure
1978, elm

Jim Harper Designs

Jim Harper Designs

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Ithaca, NY 14852-4210, USA

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