Light, form, and bold colors.

Jim has several series of paintings, including his impressionistic Sunrise series and his Flora series.

Jim's Sunrise series is about creating landscapes that are half real, half fantasy, with bold colors that swirl and dance together. His background in sculpture predisposes him to a hands-on approach to materials which often finds him eschewing the brush to directly work the paint with his hands. This gives his canvases a rich, textured surface where the colors sometimes mix, sometimes overlay one another in a visual ballet. Small sections of the complex surface often reveal their own micro landscapes to explore.

Jim's Flora series looks at the world of plants and their flowers as sculptural forms. He invites the viewer to come close and see plants in a new way--their curvilinear forms, intertwining shapes, and bold colors.


FloraSeries-No4-JimHarper2010 Flora Series No. 4
2010, acrylic on canvas
TwoPines-2009-JimHarper Two Pines
2009, acrylic on canvas
FloraSeries-No14-JimHarper2014 Flora Series No. 14
2014, acrylic on canvas
FloraSeries-No1-JimHarper2010.jpg Flora Series No. 1
2010, acrylic on canvas
FloraSeries-No16-JimHarper2015 Flora Series No. 16
2015, acrylic on canvas
FloraSeries-No3-JimHarper2010 Flora Series No. 3
2010, acrylic on canvas
FloraSeries-No15-Triptych-2013-JimHarper Flora Series No. 15 Triptych
2013, acrylic on canvas
PortraitOfTheArtistUnderwater-JimHarper2010 Portrait of the Artist Underwater
2010, acrylic on board
SunriseSeriesII-No2-1990-JimHarper Sunrise Series II No. 2
1990, acrylic on board
SunriseSeriesIII-No4-2007JimHarper Sunrise Series III No. 4
2007, acrylic on board

Jim Harper Designs

Jim Harper Designs

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