Welcome to the world of Jim Harper. There's a lot to see here. Find out more about Jim on the About page. Jim's News provides updates on current news in Jim's world. Don't forget to also link to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

The Painting, Drawing, Pastels, and Photography pages have examples of Jim's two-dimensional work, Sculpture has a selection of his three-dimensional work, while Functional Art includes work that he has done in metal and other materials.

The Graphic Design section has a selection of the wide range marketing and graphic design work that he has done for clients from sole proprietors and non-profits to educational institutions and large businesses. The Web Sites page includes links to a few pages and sites that Jim has designed over the years (this site is one of them).

The Music page links to Jim's "other life" as a musician at Jim Harper Music. The Jim Harper Designs Publishing page has information on the chord sheets to be available soon for budding musicans looking to learn to play a range of stringed instruments.

Connections to some of our favorite places are on the Links page. If you see a sort of a strange looking little fellow on any of these pages, don't worry it's just Sylvester.

On the Shopping site you can purchase prints of selected paintings and photographs. You can also contact Jim directly—see the contact information below.


Sylvester K. Nordlefink

Jim Harper Designs

Jim Harper Designs

P.O.Box 4210
Ithaca, NY 14852-4210, USA

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